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Sweetheart Stories

Sweetheart "K"
"I came to you about a year ago on a whim because I wanted to get to get something for my husband for Christmas like he'd never had. And now, almost a year later, I'm sitting here looking back through the pictures you have of me here on your page and I'm remembering how much FUN I had! You were so awesome to work with! You made me feel so at ease about the shoot and it was so easy to be comfortable with you. It didn't take very long into the shoot and I felt like a GODDESS! And the day I was able to log in and let my husband view the images online so he could pick his favorites is probably one of my favorite memories of the whole experience. The look on his face and how he kept saying "wow" and "oh my gosh" and then he'd look at me and smile. It was priceless! Thank you for capturing a side of me that only he sees. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. And thank you for your gift of photography. It was truly a pleasure, and I'm already thinking of when I'd like to come back again!"

Sweetheart "M"
"My experience with Jenn was fabulous! I have wanted to get photos done for years and searched the area for photographers. I came across Jenn and entered a contest for a free shoot. Thanks to my wonderful friends and family, I won! I'm so glad I finally did it. Leading up to the session, I was so excited. Jenn made me feel extremely comfortable and was very encouraging. It was a really positive, fun experience and it made me feel beautiful. It's an experience every woman should be lucky enough to have at least once in her lifetime. I am so impressed with the finished product and it was amazing to me how sexy the pictures came out. Jenn does a great job! She is an amazing photographer!"

Sweetheart "A"

I ran across Jenn's Photography by accident. I must say it has been one of the best accidents EVER! As a mother of 2 and a wife with a full time job working the night shift, I had fallen into a blah routine. I have put on a few pounds since the second kid and do not always feel real sexy! My husband has never put me down. He always tells me how gorgeous I am, and that does make me feel good, but sometimes a woman really needs to FEEL SEXY, and see herself in a different light! I was a little nervous going into the studio, but instantly felt right at home. Jenn is very enthusiastic with what she does, and uses her energy to not only create fantastic pictures, but help us see that even with age and few extra pounds we are still gorgeous! I hope all people see me as Jenn seen me through her camera. The pictures and experience truly helped my self image by trillions. I will absolutely see Jenn in the future! Thank you Jenn!

Sweetheart "S"
Let me just say Jenn is AMAZING! I am a mother of two beautiful girls one is 7yrs old and one is 21 months. My husband is active duty Army and currently lives 600 miles away in Georgia. He is scheduled to deploy for his fourth tour in June. I figured some boudoir photos would be a perfect way to spice things up with the distance. As a teen I had modeling agencies from TX and CA wanting me to move and pursue a modeling career. My body before kids used to be ROCKIN'! haha. I used to have complete confidence and when I would look in the mirror I loved myself. After two hard pregnancies, my body is now my most sensitive subject. I critique everything about myself. It's hard to look in the mirror and see the body I have now and not compare it to the body I had when I was young. I find the toughest job about being a mother is finding a way to feel sexy again. Jenn quickly picked up on that lack of confidence and was enthusiastic in making me feel beautifully sexy again. . . and she did! When I saw the pictures we took the first time, I was amazed. I won't lie there were still things I critiqued on myself. . . but I looked at the pictures and saw the beauty in me again. I finally proved to myself that I can be a wife and mother and STILL be sexy. THANK YOU, JENNIFER!!! God has no doubt given you a gift with that camera to capture the beauty in all. Your amazing! :)

Sweetheart "K"
"Today I had an amazing photo shoot with Jenn Fortune. I originally was referred from one of my friends, but hesitated because it was something that was out of my comfort zone. As Valentine's Day was approaching I was trying to decide what I could give my husband while he was currently deployed to Afghanistan. I wanted to give him something personal and from the heart, I like sentimental things.
So, when Jenn posted a message about a story of a soldier she had met that week it really touched me, that's when I commented on her post. She immediately commented back and wanted to do pictures and while I was hesitant I figured why not I'll give it a shot after all it's for my husband and no one else will see them.
I went in for a 30 min shoot and we had a blast It felt like we had been friends for years. It wasn't like anything I ever thought it would be there wasn't any awkwardness or weirdness she made it a very comfortable and an inviting experience. Also it was a lot of fun!
Photography to her is much more than just taking pretty pictures it's about capturing those special moments in your life that you cherish or with the ones that you love. This in itself is worth having her capture those moments in your life because to her it's not just another photo shoot or another client coming in and you have to get in and get out cause she's got somewhere to go and things to do. She really cares about her clients and wants them to feel good about their pictures and really feel good about themselves!
I will definitely be returning to her for pictures in the future and referring everyone I know to her! It was great to work with you Jenn!"

Sweetheart "J"
"I was referred by Sweetheart "S" after seeing some of her pictures. I wanted to get my husband a birthday present that he wouldn't forget. When I arrived, I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. Jenn was so comforting and I didn't feel the least bit shy after about 15 minutes. Her studio is private and she made me feel that I was beautiful. After seeing some of the proofs the very next day, I was completely not prepared to see how sexy and beautiful she saw me through the camera. My husband and I were in awe as to how professional the photos were, and had such a difficult time choosing the ones we wanted.
Having my photos taken by Jenn in such a private way, not only improved my self-esteem and confidence, but made me feel proud to be my age and body-type. This was not only a gift for him, but one for me as well. I will return in the future!"

Sweetheart "L"
"I had so much fun having Jenn do boudoir pictures of me. I expected to be really nervous, but Jenn quickly put me at ease. I love how the pictures turned out! Jenn listened to me when I told her what I liked and disliked about my body, and she did a great job in bringing out what I love and hiding what I don't. I never thought I would look as good as I do in those pictures! Jenn is amazing!"

Sweetheart "T"
"I had a wonderful experience working with Jenn, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The pictures turned out so beautiful! I had Book made for my husband for his birthday. I was so excited when I got the book, I gave it to him early.he loved it! He had no idea and was so surprised that I did something like that. He said it was his favorite gift that he'd ever gotten! I'm so glad I did this and will definitely do it again. Thank you for making this experience a great one."

Sweetheart "S"

"One of my best friends suggested we do photos with Jenn as Christmas gifts for our husbands. I agreed, but was nervous about the shoot. Jenn showed me the first photo she took and I couldn't believe it was me! I had never felt so beautiful, sexy and confident in my life. She made the shoot so comfortable that I was surprised by how confident I felt in all the sexy outfits. It was a blast to do the photo shoot with Jenn and two of my friends. Every woman deserves to feel so good about herself. Amidst all the many roles in life a woman fills, the photos are a great reminder of the beautiful and sexy side every woman has in her."

Sweetheart "D"

"I had boudoir photos taken by Jenn with my two besties! None of us had ever had photos like these taken before and it was a bit of a nervous experience going in. But Jenn made us feel right at home. She was such a pleasure to work with and coached us through the whole process. She made a gift for my husband that he will treasure forever and I am so thankful that she uses her time and talents to show women how beautiful they are and to show men how much their ladies love them. If you have ever thought about doing something like this, take your best friends! It was seriously a great time and such a confidence booster :) Thank you Jenn!"

Sweetheart "R"
"I had so much fun working with Jenn! She took amazing pictures of me & made me feel completely comfortable! I would highly recommend her & can't wait till I can do another photo shoot with her! Thank You so much Jenn!! "

Sweetheart "J"
"Jenn is an amazing photographer!!! I had such a great time working with her. It was a really fun experience! Jenn is so creative and has so many great ideas! She creates a comfortable, fun environment while creating amazing pictures! I highly recommend J Fortune Photography and Sassy Sweetheart Boudoir! :D"

Sweetheart "B"
"Jennifer is such a talented photographer. Her photo helped me win my first pageant back after 12 years of retirement. She has a creative eye, and makes you feel so relaxed and beautiful. She is truly an amazing photographer and person."

Sweetheart "M"
"Jenn does an absolutely fabulous job with her photo shoots. She really captures the personality and interests of the people she is photographing. And she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. She is truly a joy to work with! Plus the photos looked amazing!"

Sweetheart "L"
"Jenn took some AMAZING maternity photos of me. Some of which were partially nude photos and she made me feel extremely comfortable and beautiful and just all around at ease with my body the entire time. She truly captured the beauty and magic of pregnancy! I couldn't recommend her more highly!"